In September 2011, my Great Aunt Nora suffered a minor stroke in a grocery store check out line. Instead of calling a doctor or 911 she called my mother. When my grandparents passed away in 2000 she permanently took over their roles. As I grew up around her and her stories I became very much interested in finding things within her life, from simple artifacts to moments and memories. In this body of work I explore and am seeking to understand our relationship through observation of my aunt and her domestic environment. 

My great aunt Nora was born in Chicago, Illinois on 1926 by two irish immigrants. My great grandfather joined the Chicago police force in 1907 and to carry on the tradition my grandparents and Nora joined shortly after my great grandfathers death in 1951. Nora became the first woman narcotics detective in the city of Chicago and was part of the first class of female police officers. Her star has been passed down for 3 generations. She retired in 1986 after 32 years of service and in January 2014 she lost her battle to lung cancer.